Different from a hotel or simple lodging model, inquiring guests schedule and intentionally plan retreats with an emphasis on spiritual formation. This focus reflects the Fairhaven vision of encouraging the health and renewal of Christian leaders and is expressed in a number of retreat options. For many, this focus will represent little change in the way you anticipate and experience your time at Fairhaven. What the change does signal is a move toward a purposeful engagement and participation in the Fairhaven vision and the resources that give expression to that vision, whether that be the perspective-lifting beauty of our peaceful surroundings, the rest-inviting cottages and lodge facilities, or the hope-inspiring counsel and spiritual guidance offered by our staff.

We begin all reservation requests based on the Leisure Sabbath option. Guests can indicate the type of retreat they are anticipating during their time at Fairhaven. The various options are available on our website at Retreat Options

In the event the purpose of your stay as a ministry leader is intentionally focused and structured around spiritual formation as reflected in our Self-Directed, Guided, or Co-Directed retreat options please let us know. Gracious donors who are passionate about the mission and provision of care for those in Christian leadership make it possible for a portion of the cost to be subsidized for these retreat options

The Leisure Sabbath option is also available where the primary focus is rest as part of a personal or family vacation or holiday. When vacancy permits, this option is applicable to those looking for accommodations while in the area on ministry-related business, to those serving in lay-ministry roles within a local church, or for Christian business leaders looking for a place of rest and renewal.

Unfortunately, we do not provide pass through stays for travel. Other venues can meet that need.

With anticipation, we look forward and envision God’s continued presence and restoring touch on the hearts and lives of those who come seeking rest and renewal.

Cancellation policy
Cancellations within ten business days of the arrival date:

1) For retreats involving stays of 1 – 7 nights, the equivalent of the first night’s accommodation/cottage will be payable upon cancellation.
2) For retreats involving stays of 8 or more nights, the equivalent of the first two night’s accommodation/cottage will be payable upon cancellation.

There are no fees for cancellations prior to ten business days of the arrival date.

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