Over the years, Fairhaven has been greatly blessed by the exceptional service of volunteers who have performed a large variety of tasks. We are unable to feature each one of these special partners, but from time to time will highlight some.

This year we had Roy and Carol Unger living on site in their RV. They arrived in April and stayed until the end of October. Their duties were broad based, consisting of finishing touches on the lodge before the dedication, forest management to improve site lines, grounds keeping, electrical work, technical support, etc.

Roy, being a practical joker, also provided comic relief. All of this was done with a generous, uncomplaining spirit.

Roy and Carol stated that they do not want to “sit around” during their retirement. They want to do something meaningful and make a difference in whatever way they could and live out their retirement years with a purpose.

They have certainly lived with a purpose this year at Fairhaven. Thank you Roy and Carol…and thank you to all who have served us so well as volunteers!


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